Trust & Estates Law

Trust & Estates Law

All too many people neglect to put their affairs in order and clearly set out their intentions for the dispersal of their estate in a last will and testament. Unfortunately, this leaves many families dealing with complex and financially worrying legal issues whilst they are grieving for their loved one. Whatever your situation, Paul J. Daffern can offer guidance and advice on how to make sure that your family is spared this unnecessary burden.

No two people have the same requirements, when it comes to planning their estate. For some, it may be a relatively simple matter of leaving everything to a single individual, or perhaps even a charity. Most wills are rather more complex, however, and require careful consideration as to the consequences of each bequest.

For example, many people are concerned to minimise the amount of tax that their spouse and family will have to pay – poor planning can result in property having to be sold to cover liabilities. Setting up a trust may be a good way to protect your family’s assets, but you will need guidance to make sure that the trust is correctly drawn up and complies with the relevant tax laws. Paul J. Daffern can guide you through this process, advising you on the pros and cons of different sorts of trusts and making sure that, if you do decide to set one up, it is the right option for you.

In addition to preparing your own last will and testament, Paul J. Daffern can help you in the event that you are left to deal with a loved one’s estate. He can also advise on matters such as power of attorney and guardianship for a relative, should this become necessary.

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